DBKF Students Win First Runners-Up at Inaugural FPAS Financial Planner Competition 2020

02 Oct 2020


7 teams from the Diploma in Banking and Finance took part in the inaugural FPAS Financial Planner Award (Student Category) competition and eventually 5 teams entered the finals. Over the course of the competition, the SP Diploma in Banking and Finance Team designed and built an excellent financial plan.

“The knowledge that we learnt and hands-on practices we had in school helped us tremendously in the competition. Furthermore, we were blessed to be able to gain first-hand experience on financial planning from our industry mentor, Mr Eric Seah, in the competition. It was interesting to know how a practitioner would craft a financial plan, as well as the common habits and practices of a financial planner. These are things that cannot be learnt in school without first-hand experience.  Although we had to put in many hours of hard work to create the financial plan, it was well worth the effort as we emerged as the 1st runner-up team. I would highly recommend my juniors to joining this competition next year if you have an interest in financial planning.  For me, winning the inaugural FPAS Financial Planner Award is my first success in building my career in financial advisory.”


Ng Ming Liang


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