DBS Guest Lecture: May the Digital Force Be With You

05 Nov 2019

DBS Guest Lecture: May the Digital Force Be With You

A guest lecture by Mr Atul Bhuchar Executive Director, Group Payments Head at DBS Bank Group Transaction Services was held on Wednesday, 30 October 2019. Mr Atul highlighted the various disruptions the banks experience for payment such as payments to proxy, instant payments 24/7, QR Code and Request to Pay.

Mr Atul also explained the user centric design thinking process that involves the 4Dā€™s ā€“ Discover, Design, Develop and Deliver ā€“ which helps discover problems and develop insights to develop workable solutions. Some of the innovations that incorporated this process are the Smart Buddy and Kopi Ong projects. The key function that makes this innovation successful is the use of an Application Program Interface (API) which specifies how software components interact to transmit information.

Lastly, DBS has spearheaded many key innovations. One of which is being the first bank to go live on GPI in Singapore, HK and Indonesia leading to a new evolution in cross-border payments that has made it fast, traceable, transparent and rich in information ensuring that payments are within real time visibility and unaltered when beneficiaries receive them. 

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