How Do You Choose Your Course In DCBP? Seniors Connect To Assist

31 Mar 2021


In SP School of Business, our year one Common Business Programme (DCBP) students choose the Diplomas or options they would like to pursue in year two - from a total of six choices - towards the end of their first year of studies.

Our current DCBP students were to make their choices by end January 2021, so a Seniors Connect session was held online during the recent term break to let our year ones hear their seniors share about the various diplomas and about their experience – like internships, industry projects, etc.

"It was good to hear our seniors’ point of view and not only from our lecturers. I appreciated the created slides that were used during the event." said Sonam. Another CBP student, Xiao Tong, shared that she ‘found the session beneficial as we heard from our seniors about what they learnt. We understood clearer the differences between the diplomas so it made the choice easier.’ The session proved helpful to even those who already made their choices. "I knew which diploma I wanted to apply for. Hearing from the seniors validated my choice." said Shao Jin. 

Our students gained from the experience and enjoyed it too. Shared Aleena, ‘I found out more about the modules and our seniors’ experiences. We preferred the online platform as we were able to participate from the comfort of our home.’

About 30 senior students who presented and/or took questions from the students during this successful session as the students benefitted much. Thanks to all the seniors who were at the session and for their insightful sharing.

Photos of internship:

Photo of Applied Industry Project:




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