Learning Journey to Refinitiv July 2019

10 Jul 2019

Refinitiv 1 v1 Refinitiv 2 v1

The field trip to Refinitiv was very insightful and well worth the time spent there. It started with a seminar, where the speaker shared about the mechanics of the foreign exchange market as well as the market structure. This helped to reinforce some of the concepts I learnt in school. Next we proceeded to the dealing room and had a hands-on experience in using the Reuters Dealing System. It was really exciting. This was an eye-opener as it was quite different from trading FX via an online broker such as Oanda. We had to quote spot FX rates, forward and cross rates using the dealing system. This hands-on experience helped to complement our knowledge and gave us a taste of how it is like to be an interbank trader. From this, I also realised that a successful trader has to perform well in a stressful and hectic environment. It was indeed an afternoon well spent as it was very fascinating and rewarding, and I am thankful that the school had organised this field trip.

Yeo Zhan Xiong, DBKF, Year 3.

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