Making lessons come alive

09 May 2019

On 8 May 2019, DBKF and DFI students taking the Financial Markets & Institutions and Commodities Trading module, accompanied by their respective lecturers Mr David Tan and Ms Peh Xue Yun, visited the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s (MAS) gallery.

MAS GAllery collage 2 v1

The MAS gallery consists of two parts. In the first part, Insights@MAS, students learnt about the security features of our currency notes, played the role of a central bank policymaker in the interactive “Monetary Policy” game and thought of ways to safeguard the Singapore Dollar in the interactive “Guardians of the SGD” game. They also explored Singapore’s financial ecosystem on the interactive wall, gained insights into how to make the right financial choices in “Priya Buys Insurance” interactive animation and took a glimpse into the future of financial services.

In part two, Reflections@MAS, students learnt about MAS as an organisation, its mission, values, leaders, and staff through a compilation of videos and photographs.

The MAS Gallery is an impressive set-up costing $3million. The multiple interactive displays and games allows student to learn about MAS functions in an engaging and meaningful way. Students were able to apply what they had learnt in the classroom to actual scenarios that happened in Singapore in the past.

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