SB Bonding Day and Charity Carnival 2019 - 23 January 2019

01 Mar 2019

SB Bonding Day and Charity Carnival 2019

The SB Bonding Day and Charity Carnival was held on 23 January 2019 at the School of Business Foyer.  This SB Bonding Event also presented a wonderful opportunity for SB students to contribute towards fund raising for the Children’s Cancer Foundation (CCF).

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Students had an enjoyable and fun time playing the various games including bowling, “table curling”, “the cans knock-off” challenge and balloon s popping game. This was evident from the smiles on their faces and peals of laughter as they challenged each other in an attempt to get to the top of the leader score board.

Our very sporting lecturers, including Ms Lee Lai Mun, Ms Sylvia Larkim, Mr Daryl Aw, Mr Tan Kiang Khiang, Mr Albunus Ng and Mr Benjamin Chan supported by student serenaders -  Dominic and Nicole, vocal groups “Ice Cream Sandwich” and “7:56” put up fine musical performances, to rousing applause from the appreciative audience.  

SB Bonding Day and Charity Carnival 23012019 (Resized)

Aside from the fun element, the event also served to raise the awareness of cancer in children and participants went away with their hearts’ strings tugged - knowing that they had helped to contribute to a good cause: with all proceeds from ticket sales for the games donated to the CCF. Many staff and students also contributed generously by donating into the CCF box at the registration counter or by purchasing CCF memorabilia. 

The day ended on a high note with the second lucky draw of the day.

Special thanks to the organising committee, student leaders, game masters, other student helpers, lecturer and student performers for making this community-spirited event a successful one!

Written by Zhang Ze, DAC 1B 09

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