SB Club EXCO Bonding Session 2018

02 Aug 2018

SB Club EXCO Bonding Session (Edited)

This bonding session was organised by the SB Club Advisors to welcome the new SB Club Exco for 2018/19. All students and staff gathered in relaxed confines of the eating area located in School of Business. Discussions focused on the future of the Club, thorough planning of the upcoming events to be organised by the new team. 

The Exco members were excited and thrilled to get to work and begin the new term with strong sense of responsibilities, ownership and commitment.

A fruitful session ensued with the Club Advisors sharing their expectations for the Club and the Exco. Having reinforced the code of conduct and standard required of each Exco member, the formalities of our session were completed with the signing of the undertaking by each of them. 

All present then proceeded to enjoy their time of fellowship over lunch. The day indeed ended on a hopeful note - everyone focused on making the Club even better and vibrant. 

Written by: Saivya Sreen

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