SB Freshmen Orientation Programme 2018

25 May 2018

SB FOP 2 (Edited)

Every year, Singapore Polytechnic holds its Freshmen Orientation Programme (FOP) to welcome its year one students to their new environment and classmates.  The orientation briefing was an invigorating and cheerful presentation covering aspects which opened the views and horizons of the freshies:  including time management and study discipline in a seemingly new found free environment, introduction to the various exciting programmes and CCAs such as  Sports for Life, Overseas Learning Experiences.

On the second day, the year ones were seated in the cool environment of the  SP Convention Centre. They were welcomed  by our School of Business Director - Ms Tan Yen Yen, in her opening address. Talks on “survival tools and skills” for Polytechnic life, included Education and Career Guidance Talk, Workplace Safety & Health Talk and Library Talk.

Of course, many exciting performances by our School’s Wushu, Dancesport and Capoira CCA Clubs  provided the hearty interludes . All eyes were fixated on the stage as everyone enjoyed their performances, captivated by the youthful vigour exuded. 

SB FOP 3 (Edited)

FOP concluded with the very meaningful Flag Day in which funds were raised for the needy in our society.  It had been both a fun and enriching FOP for the year ones as they headed home feeling more refreshed and resting in the comfort and knowledge that there are new friends to count upon as they embarked on their new journey/phase of academic pursuits in SP/SB. 

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