SB Halloween Night 2018

02 Nov 2018


The inaugural  Halloween Night on Friday, November 2, 2018 at T19 & T21  was  good fun and the normally staid classrooms/ venues were transformed into something resembling Transylvania – with props and scary looking actors (thanks to artistic skills of the make-up crew) – all ready to scare the daylights off our early participants/revellers!

Due to on-going lessons held earlier in the day, it had been really a hectic rush for the SB Club’s working team to set in motion:  themes including the thrilling “Seventh-Month” Scary Hall to the drappings from the Cursed Bride’s wedding.

Kudos to their excellent team spirit and “garang” approach!!

Upon registration, participants entered a waiting room - a darkened lecture theatre to watch the screening of a horror movie before proceeding to the various scary venues.  Indeed, all groups who travelled together through the various venues had the biggest scare of their lives as the “scare actors”  put their heart and soul into striking mortal fear to those who dared to venture into their ‘lairs’. The “scare actors” had such great fun that many did a long stretch beyond their duty slots , not wanting to miss the opportunity to scare their schoolmates.

The SB Club’s  Organising Team  would like to especially thank SB’s Deputy Director Mr Robert Tan, for his support by bringing his family down to experience this event.

It was indeed an enjoyable “Halloweeeen” Night for all the participants. Of course, each one of the Organising Team went home with a strong tug of euphoria, from the positive vibes and good participants’ feedback.

Journalists: Jannah and Yi Jun



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