Merit Award : Elegance

Design Brief:

Since one of us is a dancer, we thought of elegance that is related to dance. We want to do something that shows gracefulness, beauty and the aura of enchantment and gentility. From the word dance, we went on to Musical Box. This will show a lady or a couple in it, dancing to a melodious tune. It gave us an idea and elegance it is. We fixed to elegance to express our thought when we started on about the idea. Elegance may not be easy but we thought of challenging ourselves to create an out-of-the-box experience.

Elegance is a form of a dance that will have two main characters. It proves the enchantment between the chemistry the couple have in them. Combining the beauty and gracefulness of the couple, it shows a strong emotion being developed between them. This automaton is about the beauty and gentility formed by the graceful lady, her motion of dance is moving up and down. The charm of the gentleman is shown by the orbit motion around the lady, connected to the platform. It will shine forth the gracefulness, beauty and enchantment of the couple on the automata. Finally, this product exhibits romance and chemistry between the loving couple too!

As the crank handle is turned, the bevel gear will turn the platform ina rotary motion, with the gentleman on it. A pear cam is placed next to the idle gear. It is connected to the lady who will be moving in reciprocating motion as the platform is turning in circles.