Second Prize


Tan Su Ying
Wan Teng Chew Spencer
Bryan Khua Chong Lin
Haziq Isyraq Shah B B S
Ardiente Gina Bianca Pangsengim          

Teacher Mr Wee Hong Shen
School   Ping Yi Secondary School

Slipstream was inspired by the success of hovercraft design. However, it was found that the use of 4 fans were too energy consuming and inefficient. Due to the weaker thrust power, the watercraft is shaped like an arrowhead for smooth movement. Similar to a hovercraft, the forward, backward and rotational movements are provided by 2 individually-controlled fan thrusters which allows for two-directional turning through remote control. This allows Slipstream to move in more than 8 different directions, which is impossible for other rotor-based watercraft! Due to the heavy fan thrusters, a recycled high-density swimming foam board is being used as a base to provide buoyancy. An acrylic shell is then formed and installed to ensure that the electronic parts are isolated from water.