First Prize

Woon Tze Liang
Yap Shiow Ting Beatrice
Lim Hwee Ern Joanna
Janine Ang Wen Yan

Teacher Mdm Soh Chai Ling

St Margaret's Secondary School


The design for our Turntle watercraft is based on a turtle. We were inspired to make the turtle as we wanted to have something close to nature. Moreover turtles are cute and attractive. It has an oval shell with a soap compartment, four legs, a round head and an aluminium tail connected to a rubber band winding mechanism. For the toy to turn round and round vigorously, you will have to wind the tail clockwise as many times as you can. It is suitable for bathtub use as the user need not have to keep on moving the toy from one end to the other. All the edges of the product are sandpapered and smoothened to ensure that the toy is safe for young children to play with.