Merit Award :
         The Sleek Clean Vehicle

Design Brief:

Design and make a vehicle that is designed with the idea of minimalism. It is simple round shape for the car chassis and it is smaller than normal car which allowing for two men loads. It is also quite similar to the features of motorbike. It is powered by electricity and alternatively, the driver can manually peddle while it regenerate electricity to charge the batteries. The vehicle is fully enclose with side door made clear transparent. The side doors will swivel upwards as it open so that it will not take up space at side.

I designed this vehicle with the concept of design to save the world by reducing the usage the fuel and reduce the emission to air. It is also a fact that people in Singapore are in an environment which is fast pace in and with the population expansion is beginning to show up in the daily lives of Singaporeans. People are feeling the pinch of insufficient housing, cramped trains and increase of car prices, petrol prices due to the higher demands. This vehicle may seems to be just right for us.