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About PrepMath Programme


The Preparatory Mathematics Programme has a total of 6 lessons (L1 to L6) that you have to complete over 3 weeks (27 Mar – 16 Apr). At the end of the 3 weeks you will have to take a Post-Test. We suggest that you follow the schedule given below and aim to complete at least one lesson in every three days, or thereabouts. This should amply prepare you for the post-test.


Study Schedule   


Study Period



27 Mar 17  –  28 Mar 17

The Real Number System


29 Mar 17  –  31 Mar 17

Introduction to Trigonometry


01 Apr 17  –  04 Apr 17

Exponents and Radicals


05 Apr 17  –  08 Apr 17

The Algebraic Operations on Polynomials


09 Apr 17  –  12 Apr 17

Factorisation and Fractions


13 Apr 17  –  16 Apr 17

Solving Linear and Quadratic Equations


17 Apr 17  –  05 May 17

All the 6 lessons that have been completed.


 Study Materials


  1. All the 6 lessons are posted on the “e-learning@SP” course site, known as “eSP”. The address of the eSP course site is, or you can use the link provided at SP home page. To login to “eSP”, please use the SPICE account that has been issued or created during enrolment. (Please view the online video demo and read the document “Navigation Guide of eLearning@SP”). You are advised to visit the eSP course site regularly so as not to miss out on important notices about the programme.

  2. In event where you are unable to login to eSP, you may also refer to the PrepMath website ( for announcements and latest information about the programme. Only Lesson 1 is available from the PrepMath website

  3. To complete the PrepMath programme, you are to study through the 6 lessons, attempt all the online Review Exercises, Test 1 to Test 6 and take a Post-Test. These are all posted at the eSP course site.


Lesson Review Exercises


The lesson review exercise at the end of each lesson is to gauge your understanding of that lesson.

The results of these review exercises will not be taken into account in your Basic Maths module in your first year of study.



  Tests 1 – 6

There is an online Test at the end of each lesson, namely Test 1 to Test 6. Each test consists of 5 questions. You will take the Test for that lesson at the eSP course site. The results of these tests, again, will not be taken into account in your Basic Maths module.



At the end of the PrepMath Programme, you will have to attempt a Post-Test that covers all the 6 lessons. There are 10 questions, and 3 attempts are allowed. The marks will be recorded in the eSP Grade Book.

Post-Test will be made available from the first week of school when term starts (see study schedule above). A sample of the post-test can be found in the eSP. You may like to try these sample questions before taking the actual post-test.


Important Note


The result of the Post-Test will be taken into account in the Basic Math module in your first year of course of study. It constitutes 5% of the overall marks in the Basic Math module.

To Do When To Do Where Results taken into account?

Review Excercise


Within the lesson


eSP PrepMath Module




Lesson Review Excercise


After each lesson


eSP PrepMath Module (multiple attempts)




Test 1 to Test 6


After each lesson


eSP PrepMath Module (multiple attempts)




Sample post-test


After all 6 lessons


eSP PrepMath Module (multiple attempts)




Actual post-test


17 Apr to 05 May 2017


eSP Basic Math Module ( 3 attempts)