Q1: What is this PrepMath Programme about?

PrepMath is a programme to prepare SP newly enrolled students to revise their mathematics before they begin their courses in SP.

Q2: How do I know if I have to take the PrepMath Programme?

All students who have not taken Additional Mathematics at 'O' level or who do not possess a credit pass in Additional Mathematics at ‘O’ Level and enrolled in certain courses* are required to take the PrepMath Programme.

*Please go to the Home page (Announcement No. 2) to check if you are required for/exempted from the PrepMath programme.

Q3: How will the test results of this PrepMath Programme affect my grades in SP? 
Depending on the courses you are enrolled in, the results will contribute 5% of your Year One Mathematics.
Q4: Do I have to pay for the PrepMath Programme?
No, it is free of charge. As long as you are a SP enrolled student and have paid your school fees, you will be able to access the programme.
Q5: Why am I unable to login to the eSP course site?
  • If you are not a SP enrolled student, you will not have a SPICE account.
  • If you have not paid your school fees, your SPICE account will not be activated. Please proceed to pay your fees first.
  • If you have paid your school fees, it will take 3 days for your account to be activated. Please try again later.
Q6: What if I have paid my school fees for more than 3 days but I am still unable to login to the eSP course site?
The server may be down. Please try again later. However, if you have tried for at least 3 times at different times of the day, call the Help-line 6870-7907 for help.
Q7: What if I have forgotten my SPICE login password?
Please call the SPICE helpdesk 6772-1260 to reset your password.
Q8:  Why is my computer unable to display the lessons properly?
  • Your computer setting may not be appropriate for viewing the lessons. Change your desktop setting: go to start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> display -> setting -> choose pixels 1024 by 768.
  • The pop-up blocker on your computer may have been turned on. Go to the internet options, turn off the blocker and try again.
  • You need a flash player on your computer to run the lessons.
  • Alternatively, come to use our computers in Room T434.
Q9: I do not understand the topics even after navigating through all the lessons. Where can I get help?

Visit us at T434 at the following dates : 27 Mar Mon, 29 Mar Wed, 31 Mar Fri, 4 Apr Tue, 7 Apr Fri, 12 Apr Wed. The lecturers who are on duty will assist you..

Q10: Where can I get the detailed information about the PrepMath programme if I am not very clear about what to do?
There is a video briefing for this programme and Navigation Guide of eLearning@SP that you may download from the Home page (Announcement No.3 and No.4).
Q11: I am a part-time student enrolled this year, can I follow the PrepMath Programme?
Yes. As long as you have a SPICE account, you may take the lessons for revision. However, it is not compulsory for part-time students to follow the programme.