Getting Started

To begin a lesson:

  • Go to eSP (eLearning@SP) course site via

  • Login and read the latest information and notices, if any.

  • Under Course, click on PrepMath.

  • Select a Lesson and follow the instructions given in the Lesson and proceed to do self study.


Study Tips

1.     In each lesson:

a.      Note what you are expected to learn upon completion of the lesson.

b.      Take the online Lesson Review Exercise after each lesson to gauge your understanding of that lesson.

2.     Pace yourself and exercise some self-discipline. Try to take a break every 30 minutes or so. 

3.    After completing all the units in each Lesson, try the Review Exercise to gauge your understanding of the topic. When you are really sure of that topic, take the on-line test for that lesson. Please note that the results of these on-line tests will not be taken into account in the Basic Maths module of your course of study.

4.    After completing all the six tests, try out the sample post test on the eSP course site.

5.    Check the eSP course site or the PrepMath website (  regularly for latest announcements.