Merit Award : Fun with Animal Shapes

 “Fun with animal shapes” is inspired by geometry learnt in basic mathematics. The child will have fun forming 4 animals (Panda, Giraffe, Penguin, and the Elephant) out of various blocks of wood. They will form the animals by getting hints from the respective animal cards. From this toy, the child will learn about the animals’ characteristics and also various shapes like the circle, semi circle, quadrant, square and rectangle. This toy will also help the child in their problem solving skills.

Operating Instructions

Children will first read the animal cards. From the animal cards, they will be introduced to some basic information of the animals. Thereafter they will be given clue on how to build up the animal from the card. Children will then find the right blocks to build up the animals. The wooden blocks will be joined together with velcro strips that is connected to the blocks.