3rd Prize Winner : Brick Mania

Brick Mania is an exciting game of mental agility that challenges its players with hours of fun! Each Brick Mania game set comes with 5 preshaped bricks, a sand-timer, and a stack of 48 “Brick-Wall” cards with different wall combinations. Form the different brick wall shapes using the 5 bricks to see which player’s mind works the fastest. Brick Mania is designed to function as a brain teaser and creativity inducer for its users. 

Brick Mania



Check Contents
Each starter deck will contain 3 sets of 5 brick pieces, a deck of “Brick Wall” cards, and 1 two-minute sand timer. Each player gets 1 set of 5 bricks.

Shuffle Deck of Brick Wall Card

Players each get a turn to draw 1 Brick Wall card, and the sand-timer is reset once the card is drawn. Players can either choose to play using:

Time Attack
– The player who draws the card has to finish building his blocks according to the picture shown in the card. If he fails, the cards are put back to the bottom of the deck. If he succeeds, he gets to keep the card as 1 point. When the entire deck is finished, all players will consolidate their cards and the player with the most number of cards is considered the winner.

Battle Royale
– 1 card is drawn and all players will form the blocks at the same time. The fastest player to complete the shapes gets to keep the card as 1 point.

The player with the most number of cards at the end of the deck is considered the winner.