Merit Award
: Job Hunt

JobHunt encourages children to learn together. Each child draws an Occupation card to start. A question card nearest to the child is drawn when the wheel stops spinning. The question is read to everybody and answer is checked by the other children. Everybody acquires the knowledge by learning from the mistakes made by friends. The question and answer cards can be changed to suit different learning needs. JobHunt promotes recycling by minimising the use of non-biodegradable materials and using simple materials like cardboards.


Step 1:
Load the 10 questions cards onto the wheel

Step 2:
Players choose a Mission card at random

Step 3:
Artist always spins the wheel first, followed
by Chef, Doctor then Lawyer

Step 4:
Player selects any one of the three question cards in front of player when the wheel comes to a stop.

Step 5:
Play reads out the question, the other players look at the answer sheet to check if the player answered correctly. (In this way, everybody learns together)

Step 6:
Player earns the number of marbles indicated on the question card if the answer is correct. Correct answer will be read out if player gets the question wrong.

Step 7:
Question card is placed back onto the wheel.

Step 8:
Player can exchange the marbles for the tokens that needs to be collected.

Step 9:
Next player spins the wheel.