Merit Award
: Magicmaze

“The MAGICMAZE” is a unique board game designed for children from five to eight which illustrates a particular food web. Players are to arrange the arrows and animals provided so that the principles of the food web are preserved. By doing this, children are trained in logical thinking and working in group while learning more about the animal world. Since this game is versatile and variable, it provides children a whole new world of knowledge to explore!

Operating Instructions

  1. Open the box /board and take out the arrows and illustrations of animals.

  2. Use the arrows provided to connect any two of the spaces on the board to your preference. The arrows can be placed between any pair of spaces, facing any direction. Every space should be attached with at least two arrows.

  3. Choose one animal, and place the illustration onto a space in the board.

  4. Find this animal’s predator and prey from the pockets of illustrations. Put them in the respective spaces. An example has been done below:

    Mosquito   ->   Frog    ->   Snake

  5. Try to do the same for all spaces, making sure all the arrows and illustrations are arranged in the right order as shown  
    Prey    ->    Animal   ->     Predator

  6. The game is completed when every empty space has an illustration of an animal and every arrow is used.

  7. When the game is completed, try playing a new round by constructing a new food web.