2nd Prize Winner : Maze Tiply

Maze-Tiply makes learning of multiplication tables fun! By navigating the ball through the maze, the child will have to follow the clues laid on the floor which shows the correct path to the goal. The clues are actually the multiples of seven. By reaching the goal through dexterity of the hands as well as the familiar sequence of the numbers, the child would have learnt the mulitiplication of seven after a few tries. The maze can be replaced to facilitate the learning of other multiples.



Step 1:
Open the casing to load the maze of choice.

Step 2:
Close the top cover

Step 3:
Drop the marble through the top casing to start the game

Step 4:
Navigate the marble while avoiding the trapholes to reach the Golden Bionicle part.

Step 5:
Game is over when marble drops into the bottom tray through the trapholes.

Step 6:
Player wins when the marble reaches the Golden Bionicle part.

Hints:   Play with the casing on the table. Allow the marble to rest at the corners before planning the next move.