Merit Award
: The Ruppers

The game design consists of 49 slots and poles, arranged 7x7. Two players will each control one rubber band stretched over two adjacent or diagonal poles. The aim is to make one’s rubber band overlap with the opponent’s,  trapping him, through moving one end of his rubber band per turn. Players will be able to hone their strategic skills and think more creatively. The game design is flexible – different numbers of poles may be used to create more challenging formations.

Operating Instructions

The main toy structure consists of a total of 49 wooden poles, and a board which can contain 7 x 7 poles and 2 different coloured rubber bands.

Each rubber band must be on two adjacent poles, either horizontally, vertically or diagonally. However, the poles that the two ends of the rubbers touch must have no other poles in between.

Each turn, each player is only allowed to move one end of his rubber band. The objective of the game is to "trap" the opponent or "escape" from the opponent. In order to "trap" the opponent, the first player's rubber band must use one end of his own rubber band and overlap it on another end of the opponent's.

To "escape", one only has to move his rubber band away. On a 7 x 7 board, it is almost impossible for a player to win unless the other player is stuck in a corner, therefore, players are given a choice to arrange their own boards.