The Diploma in Marine Engineering (DMR) course encompasses various engineering disciplines; mechanical engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, engineering design and control technology that are required to make a ship an independent power plant and the course curriculum is planned in consultation and in accordance with the International Maritime Organisation, Officer in Charge of an Engineering Watch, model course 7.04 as approved by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA).

With effect from Academic Year starting in April 2015, the DMR will be revamped into a 5 academic semesters + 1 internship semester. Besides lectures and laboratory work, students will be exposed to advanced ship engineering system simulators and various Naval Architecture training software. Our machinery workshops are equipped to train students for operational competencies they would require in the workplace, be it on board a ship or a shore-based maritime establishment.

The 6 month internship provides our students the special opportunity to apply their learning through either a sea-going or shore-based internship of their choice during the third year of study. Students taking the sea-going internship will also be able to clock their 6 month sea going experience and time to be eligible for the Class 5 Marine Engineer Officer Certificate of Competency examination conducted by MPA, subject to fulfilling MPA’s requirements. Students opting internship with the shore-based marine companies will also be better prepared to apply their learning from Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Knowledge whether they are attached to a shipyard or engineering company.

Course Highlights

  • Multi-disciplinary studies of engineering technology
  • Comprehensive learning experience through hands-on training using engine simulators and ship design software, enrichment talks, ship visits and industry exposure
  • Best of both worlds – the opportunity to opt for internship either on board motor ships or in the maritime offshore sector

Scholarships Available

  • Tripartite Maritime Scholarship Scheme (TMSS)
  • Association of Marine Industries (ASMI)


Career Advancement for DMR graduates


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