AR Application for Marine Engineering Training

Students showcased their AR Application Project.

AR Application.

Ships are complex units that combine a lot of technologies within a compact space. Marine engineers are responsible for inspecting and maintaining the technical equipment and safe keeping the ship’s operation. It takes hours of training and practice to prepare oneself to be competent for the jobs on-board.

Before students enters workshops and simulators for practical training, fundamental knowledge is taught in the classroom. However, the content in some modules can be very abstract and difficult to comprehend based on just words and 2D pictures, thereby affecting student learning motivation and outcomes.

The project group conducted literature review of AR technology and identified and compared devices and software applications available in the market and also studied the current developments in maritime-related fields. The module Naval Architecture from the Diploma in Marine Engineering study was selected for proof of concept project. Recommendations were made based on a proposal of how AR technology could be applied to the selected module to transform the text book into a lively resource center.

AR Application


Cathy Cong


Nam Woon
Tan Ying Xuan
Lim Jia Le


Diploma in Marine Engineering (DMR)

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