ORG_chart2018_mar_chinchuanA warm welcome to the School of Computing (SoC)!

The world you know today is fast changing, led by the pace of technological advancement and innovation. Your arrival in the school coincides with a time in which there is a national enthusiasm to transform our economy through digital innovation, technology, and manpower development. Our nation is set to aggressively develop capabilities in the field of information technology, data analytics, artificial intelligence, cyber security, and media content creation in the coming years.

With the accessibility of more advanced technology, consumption of and interaction with data becomes very key in human-machine interface. IT and media content are blended and bundled up, creating immersive experiences in many levels of our everyday lives. With this being the background of the now and also in the forecast of the foreseeable future, your studies in SoC offer pathway(s) to set you up for the ever changing and evolving realities of the future and technologically-rich economy.

As you ponder over your future, remember that while technologies are ever-changing, technology in itself is not life. Technology that is truly impactful has to affect the human condition meaningfully. While you build your technical skillsets, you should also be more curious in knowing the world around you. Read widely, be interested in the current affairs, changes in social trends, economic developments, and be involved in CCA, taking up arts and sports activities. All these will help shape the way you shape technology innovation, which can help shape meaningful experiences for society in return.

Once again, welcome to SoC! Study hard and enjoy your stay here for the next three years!

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