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Mission Statement

To provide quality training in cyber security domains with and/or for industry partners and professionals so as to enhance their cyber security working knowledge and skillsets.



The Cyber Security Academy is a partnership between SP and the industry partners to leverage on our Cyber Wargame Centre in providing relevant CET courses to the working adults and also as a training centre for conducting cyber exercises.


Our objectives for the Cyber Security Academy:

  1. Providing infocomm security Continuing Education Training (CET) to the working professionals who may be seeking to:
    a. Keep themselves abreast with the industry/technology
    b. Find a new career in infocomm security
  2. Providing the industry a platform to assess their organisation’s cyber security resiliency



Cyber Security Academy
(E-mail: csacademy@sp.edu.sg, Tel: 6772 1917)


The courses that will be provided by the Academy range from formal programme (specialist diploma) to short courses. Through consultation with industry partners, we seek to provide CET courses that meet the needs of individuals and organisations.

Organizations can also engage the use of the Cyber Wargame Centre to test and validate their systems to ensure greater resiliency of network infrastructure and operations. They can make use of the Cyber Range and Cyberwatch Competency Centre training facility to conduct cyber-attack and defence exercises to hone their staff’s security skills.



Full Qualification courses: Short courses: Customised courses:
  • Customised courses can be designed for specific organizations’ needs (Click here to make enquiries)




Customised Training or Training Collaboration (via CSA)
(E-mail: csaacedemy@sp.edu.sg, Tel: 6772 1917)

Course Schedule & Registration (via PACE hotline)
(E-mail: pace@sp.edu.sg, Tel: 6772 1917)


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