Diploma in Infocomm Security Management (DISM - S54)


Why choose DISM @SP?

The threat has never been so real. The more we rely on the Internet to store and manage important information, the more we need to keep it safe from cybercriminals. Be a part of the elite force in keeping the Cyber World SAFE!

Being a Diploma in Infocomm Security Management (DISM) student gives you the competitive edge for a boost in your future studies and career. You can look forward to an interesting curriculum that covers offensive attacks, defensive methods and  investigative skills.

Comprehensive Curriculum

To prepare you for both further studies and working life, the DISM curriculum covers the important areas of security technology, security management, information technology, law and teamwork and communications.

Accelerated Progression Pathway to Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD)

You can take up modules taught by SUTD while studying in SP. If you choose to progress to SUTD after graduation, you will be able to complete your SUTD degree in a shorter period of time.

Cyber Wargame Centre

Anonymous hackers are attempting to gain access to classified information on a computer system and you need to stop them from carrying out this malicious attack. At the Cyber Wargame Centre, we create such realistic scenarios to prepare you for the REAL cyberthreats!

Get yourself recognised by the industry

Be on top of the game and get recognised by the industry through professional industry certifications. No other institutions are quite as ready as us to give you that extra competitive edge!

  • EC Council Certified Ethical Hacker
  • EC Council Certified Hacking Forensics Investigator
  • EC Council Certified Security Analyst
  • ThinkSECURE Organizational Systems Security Analyst
  • ThinkSECURE Organizational Systems Wireless Auditor
  • Proxor Software Developer Exam (SDE-Java)
  • And more...


Outstanding students with good academic results, strong leadership potential, and are active in CCA, can look forward to be awarded a scholarship:


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