Showcase - Solutions Development

Showcase - Game Development

This page shows screenshots from students’ assignments for the module, Level Design For Games. This module teaches students how to create 3D game spaces end environments utilising a game engine and level editor. Students learnt how to model and arrange architectural elements; prepare and optimize 3D objects for import in a game engine, and apply texture and lighting to create compelling game experiences. These assignments were made using Epic’s Unreal game engine.

infotech showcase

"The challenges that the Diploma in Information Technology course offers had further driven my passion for cutting-edge technology and brought me precious insights on the intricate relationship between IT and people. What's more, the course had provided me with relevant skills that are highly sought-after by various industries! Also not to forget the hard work and dedication my lecturers had put in to ensure every lesson is engaging that we don't just study but learn with energy."

Mr Cheu Wee Loon
Gold Medalist,
Graduate of Diploma in Information Technology (IS Option), 2010

The Start of A Wonderful Journey


Hui Chun

Once told by my mother that I might not be able to continue my studies after my ‘O’ levels due to financial difficulties, I was once lost in life especially since I did not attain a fantastic ‘O’ levels score. However, I was lucky to be awarded a scholarship from IMDA for my polytechnic studies in the field of Information Technology (IT). Having been exposed to computers since young age, I felt that IT was the closest thing I could relate to and study. SP-DIT was my first choice and I was so glad I made the right choice!


During my first year, I remember fondly being able to create my very own website from scratch and also to implement my unique web design on it. I remember looking forward to my networking classes as I wanted to find out how networking devices work and how people get their internet. The only weakness I think I had was that I was not good in Mathemetics. However, I managed to pull through with the help of my classmates and lecturer.


Holistic Education through S.E.E.D SIG

At SP, we do not simply revolve around academic development but also character development. I was grateful and thankful to be introduced to the many lecturers who have helped groom me. As the Chinese saying goes, “师傅领进门,修行在个人”, teachers are like our parents in school and I was grateful to be mentored by Mr Tan Hu Shien. He introduced me to a Special Interest Group, known as S.E.E.D which stands for Sharing, Exploration, Enrichment, Development. The community at S.E.E.D encourages one another to go beyond our comfort zones. One memorable experience from S.E.E.D was to read the popular book “The Go-Giver” to gain insights on the 5 laws mentioned in the book. I also participated in various hackathons, attended tech meetups to learn about the popular technologies and help to give back to the community.


A group picture after attending an Orange Hive workshop where I met my future FYP teammates.


More Than DIT

During the three-year of study, I sharpen my communication skills through various communications skills modules. These soft skills are important especially for our projects and competitions. In my second year, we learnt more on the different aspects of IT such as User Experience, Systems Architecture, Mobile Apps, Web Applications, Information Security and more. With all these skills, together with my hardwork and dedication, I was able to win some of the competitions such as the Transport & Youth Hackathon 2015, SiTF Awards 2016, DDI Challenge for IHLs 2016. With this, I would like to extend my gratitude to lecturers like Mr Tan Hu-Shien, Ms Leong Fong Sow, Mr Chanon Kulchol and Mdm Choo Chui Har who have continuously gave their support to the students.


Group photo taken for the SiTF Awards 2016.


A group photo with my FYP team when we won prizes for the DDI Challenge 2016.


Getting to be part of meaningful projects

DIT not only exposes students the skills but also provide them opportunities to use them to create workable solutions for the real-world problems. For my internship, I was assigned to Institute of High Performance Computing (IHPC), Agency of Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), to conduct research on a meaningful social issue which is finding out how to enable barrier-free access for the disabled. The internship experience not only gave me opportunity work hands on in a professional environment, it also allowed me to utilize and demonstrate the knowledge and skills I have learnt throughout my 3 year of study in SP.


Photo taken during a field trip to Handicaps Welfare Association (HWA) office.


Life after SP

At the end of journey with SP-DIT, I have graduated with Diploma with Merit. I am now doing Bachelor of Computing in Computer Science with National University of Singapore (NUS). This journey has not been easy but to me it has surely been a fruitful one!


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