How can I better prepare for my interview

Tell us about your achievements and aspirations in the area of coding/programming and anything IT-related.


Your achievements in IT-related area. Bragging rights! Have you learnt a programming language in which you have done some projects. (e.g. If you have learnt HTML/CSS and coded a website, you would print-shot the website, describe what is it about, how long you took to build the website, what you learnt from using HTML/CSS).


Attended any workshops/classes? Get out your certificates! Have you attended AEM, YCEP, ASE in the polys? Any other computing/IT related workshops, courses attended in CC or other places, time to recall all.

You will also score more points if you have attended any of the recommended online courses listed in the National Youth Council's EAE ICT Resources:


Do you have a burning idea to solve a problem using IT? Tell us your passion! We recognize passion as a driving force to do awesome work. Let us hear your passion for IT and how you might want to use it for improving our way of lives.


Your goal. Short-term or long-term goal Imagine if you have graduated with IT diploma, what would you be working as? What’s your career looking like?

You can find out more about various exciting career paths in the Infocomm Industry from the National Youth Council Website:


Coding experience. How did you get into learning more about coding or anything IT related Have you used any programming language? Share your experience in learning it, and what did you do using it? Did you apply it anywhere else?


Why are you interested in the course? A burning desire to take our course! Take a look at our course offering (link below) and tell us which areas in which course you find most interest you.


Tell us a bit more about yourself. We are looking for all-rounder! Taken part in CCA’s, leadership camps, volunteer for anything? Anything else to help you get noticed.
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