SP launch VR 360 Filmmaking and Special Effects Makeup CET Programmes with Leading Industry Experts

28 Dec 2016

29 June 2017

Singapore Polytechnic (SP), BeVRR and The Artists Inc. signed a Memorandum of Cooperation (MOC) on Tuesday, 30th May 2017, to launch CET programmes for Virtual Reality (VR) 360 Filmmaking, and Special Effects Makeup. Both programmes are highly anticipated by Media companies, due to the high shortage in the local talent pool.
Learn how to create immersive experiences for VR360 Fimmaking with experts from BeVRR
Under the MOC between SP and BeVRR, adult learners will undergo a comprehensive 2-day workshop in VR 360 Filmmaking that empowers them with tools, knowledge and skills required to create their own live action immersive experiences. The workshop is designed to offer a technical, immersive, and hands-on approach to learning this new medium. Participants are expected to be wide ranging, from existing media practitioners, to professionals from industries where VR is starting to emerge as a marketing and engagement tool.
Mr Bert Tan, Chairman of BeVRR
BevRR is the sister company of Bert Lighting House. BLH was founded by Chairman of BeVRR, Mr Bert Tan (the Spirit of Enterprise Award winner in 2013) in 2001, and he hopes that Singapore will be a central hub to encourage creatives from all around the world to select Singapore as the place to create and develop their talent.

Less than a year ago, BeVRR managed Asia’s first nationwide live 360-degree telecast of the three-hour Singapore National Day Parade, in partnership with web giant, Google.
Realistic Special Effects Makeup by The Artists Inc.
The MOC between SP and The Artists Inc. will offer adult learners a short course on Special Effects Makeup. During the workshop, they will learn the know-how of Special Effects makeup and its application in film. Participants will be able to create realistic-looking wounds and scars using industry standard products, and determine the production workflow as well as the amount of time required to produce them.
Ms June Goh, Creative Director of the Artists Inc.
The Artists Inc. is the brain-child of Ms June Goh, who was the Head of Hair and Makeup for both Resorts World Sentosa and Universal Studios Singapore (USS). SP has been working closely with June at USS for the Halloween Horror Nights held annually in October. SP’s diploma students in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics undergo an intensive training session and are part of the effects makeup team for the Halloween Nights every year. The collaboration is a natural evolution to meet the growing needs of the related industries.
The idea of the course was mooted after June’s industry partners approached her to run short courses on Special Effect Makeup. Most Effects Makeup courses require a foundation in basic makeup; the new programme allows participants with none or little background in makeup to gain a foot hold in the media industry.
About BeVRR:
BeVRR (pronounced as be-ver) are a group of Virtual Reality fanatics who takes pride in our Specialist Production team that shoots only in 360° and a self-built Cinema Grade V.R system that is unrivalled in Asia; and among the World's best.
About The Artists Inc.:
The Artists Inc. is a consolidation of individuals who have risen to the top in their chosen professions. Incorporated in 2014, The Artists Inc. seeks to promote the expertise and professionalism of Singapore’s hair and Make-up industry.
Our partners from BeVRR and The Artists Inc.