A Decade of DMAT

30 Dec 2015

31st December 2015

DMAT 10th Anniversary Celebration

A Decade of DMAT brought together the DMAT family on 5 September 2015
The Diploma in Music and Audio Technology (DMAT) celebrated it's 10th Anniversary on 5 September 2015 with an evening of "live" music and hawker food at The Hall, SP Staff Centre. The veent, titled A Decade of DMAT, brought together the DMAT family - current students, alumni, staff and ex-staff - for a memorable evening of catching up and networking.
A makeover was given to The Hall, complete with lights, two performance stages, sound system and roving cameras. Instead of a sit-down dinner, bistro tables were set up across The Hall for a total of 245 guests who savoured their food while enjoying the performance.

To re-create the DMAT nostalgia, four sets of billboards, each printed with an iconic DMAT facility such as the recording studio, were set up at various locations in The Hall. Each location came complete with furniture from the iconic DAMT facility. Throughout the evening alumni could be spotted hanging around those locations.

The evening show included performances by artists from the DMAT record label, SPEAR, as well as bands made up of alumni and current DMAT students.


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