DBIT Students Brought Honours to DMIT at Data-Driven Innovation Challenge for IHL 2015

29 Oct 2015

29 Oct 2015

The team comprising of third-year DBIT students Adriel Lam and Lim Chee Xiong (photograph below) has brought honours to School of DMIT by clinching the top prize in the finals of the IDA-organised Data-Driven Innovation Challenge 2015 amongst a field of 16 teams from five institutes of higher learning (IHL), namely; Singapore Polytechnic, Temasek Polytechnic, Nanyang Polytechnic, Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) and Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT). The finals were held on 21 October 2015 at IDA HQ and the winning team walked away with a prize of S$3,000 cash.

Under the guidance and mentorship of Mrs Tan Teck June, Mr Chanon Kulchol and Ms Junie Tan from the School of DMIT, Adriel Lam and Lim Chee Xiong proposed a mobile app called “Check.Go.Earn”, which was targeted at shopping centres. The objective of the mobile app is to benefit both consumers and business owners. It utilises data from OneMap, Footfall data of shopping malls, and social media mentions data of shopping malls to facilitate consumers in deciding the shopping malls to go to during their leisure time. Besides benefitting consumers, the app also benefits business owners in optimising profits while keeping costs to a minimum by allocating resources effectively.


Adriel Lam and Lim Chee Xiong, top prize winners of DDI Challenge 2015 organised by IDA
The IDA Data Driven Innovation Challenge for IHL 2015 aims to encourage students to contribute ideas on how data can be innovatively used in mashups to provide insights to key challenges faced by Singapore today.

There were two rounds of judging for the challenge. Round 1 judging was to shortlist three winners within each participating IHL and Round 2 (finals) judging was to identify the overall winners nationwide. The top two winners of each IHL were selected to enter Round 2.

The following, all third-year DBIT students, are the Round 1 winners from Singapore Polytechnic School of DMIT.
Adriel Lam and Lim Chee Xiong came in 1st in Round 1 of IDA Data Driven Innovation Challenge 2015.
Deswanto, Nicholas Wee, Claris Tham, Lee Wei Yan and Tan Xin Kai (not in picture) were 2nd in Round 1 of IDA Data Driven Innovation Challenge 2015.
Alvin Ong, Kin Hoe and Winson (not in picture) were 3rd in Round 1 of IDA Data Driven Innovation Challenge 2015.
1st Prize: Amazon Fire HD 7
2nd Prize: Amazon Kindle Paper White
3rd Prize: Amazon Fire TV
The winners shared their thoughts below.

"From the competition, I learnt that there are lots of datasets out there, for example, in DaaS, that could be utilised and innovative mobile app could benefit people from all walks of life in Singapore." - Chee Xiong

"Technology is powerful! We can use it in ways that can advance our society and to empower people. I have learnt from this competition to embrace the available data given to devise functional ideas. It is my wish that all Singaporeans can embrace and enjoy the benefits of IT in different aspects of their lives." – Adriel

Both students were very appreciative of their lecturers for their guidance and advice throughout the entire competition. Ms Junie Tan, Mr Chanon Kulchol and Mrs Tan Teck June guided and mentored the students. The School of DMIT is proud of them and congratulates them for their outstanding performance.


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