DIT Students Conduct Pre-Launch Windows 10 Jumpstart Workshop

28 Jul 2015

19 June 2015

Before a crowd of about 20 public members ranging from IT professionals working in DBS, EzLink, Technical Evangelists from Microsoft, tertiary students from institutions like NUS, NTU and other Polytechnics as well – Ian Soo, Lee Zhen Wei and Benedict Khoo conducted a jumpstart workshop on the utilisation of the new Windows 10 development kit at Microsoft-Singapore on early June 2015. The workshop was conducted way before the official launch of the Operating System in end July.

Ian, Zhen Wei and Benedict are currently year 2 students from Singapore Polytechnic, pursuing the Diploma of Information Technology (DIT). Ian majors in the Solutions Development option of the course whereas Zhen Wei and Benedict are studying in the Games Development Option.
Benedict (left) & Ian (right) getting ready for the workshop
The team presented a series of topics revolving the know-hows of the new Windows 10 Software Development Kit. They discussed about the differences from Windows 8.1 to the new 10 and also taught the audience on crucial components such as Data-Binding and creating Responsive Windows applications.

An impressive feat for Polytechnic students.

It all began when Ian was trying to build a Music Player app for his own use. He realised that there was so much more ease to create an app on Windows 10 as opposed to its predecessors (i.e. 8.1). Especially when he tried porting it to multiple platforms not limiting to the mobile such as Xbox-es, tablets and desktops.
"While the learning curve of adopting the new development kit is not that steep, the learning experience was not ideal. I thought I could start up something and let the community benefit from it. App developers wanting to switch over from the older versions can have a jumpstart by attending the workshop."
- Ian Soo, DIT Year 2 Solutions Development Student
Jason Chee, a Microsoft Student Partner and a DIT student, has also worked closely with the team to see this workshop come to fruition. The workshop was partially made possible with his help to plan for logistics and cater for the venue. His intention, is to allow as many students to come forth and share what they have learnt as much as possible.

Moving forward, the team are going to work on research projects relating to Internet of Things (IoT). A workshop like this allow students to display what they are capable of over and beyond academically.


Phones updating to Windows 10 for the workshop
The team getting into action


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