Talents and friendship!!

01 Dec 2015

1 December 2015

On the 25th of November 2015, DDA students from Singapore Polytechnic happily host Nihon Manga Geijyutsu Gakuin (Japan Manga Academy of Fine Arts) students from Nagoya, Japan. This annual visit is a collaboration between two institutes of higher learning.

SP DDA students took the enthusiastic Japanese students through the M.A.D studios to show them the processes of animation and visual effects projects carried out by final year students. They are also treated to spend time browsing our mini image gallery, sculpture, traditional animation and visual effects within the Think-tank, the Forge as well as Visual Effects Room. Three of DDA and DVEMG featured facilities.

The event culminated with both institutions exchanging pieces of creativity with each other with impressive short film and storyboard presentations, voice acting demonstrations, impressive dance numbers and a humorous caricature event. They are connected through a shared passion for art and animation as well as through other common interests like school life and hobbies. "The Nihon Manga Geijyutsu Gakuin students were very talented!" said Winnifred Wang from DDA, "It was nice to learn from their skill-set and show them what we could offer as animation students as well."

With the event successfully concluded and everyone leaving in good spirits, SP DDA students voiced their enthusiastic support for the event. They are looking forward to participate in more DDA outreach programs and meet people from different cultures. Hopefully soon!


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