Aspire to protect internet users against cyber-attacks

04 Jan 2021

Isn’t it fascinating how we are simply a click away from accessing the world, yet this convenience can also be the very reason why we fall prey to cyber-attacks, if we are not careful?

This is exactly why Venus Lim, Diploma in Infocomm Security Management (DISM) student and DSTA Polytechnic scholar decided to enrol in Singapore Polytechnic via the Early Admissions Exercise (EAE). She is all set to equip herself with the necessary skillsets to help protect internet users against cyber-attacks.

After her successful enrolment in SP, Venus wasted no time in seizing every learning opportunity. She participated in various activities, including BrainHack 2019, a digital learning fest organised by DSTA where participants get to dive deep into the exciting realm of cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence (AI), satellite technologies, app development and more!

As a DSTA Polytechnic scholar, she went on to intern at DSTA’s Information Programme Centre to further hone her existing skills and gain real-life work experience.

Upon graduation, she hopes to further her studies in this field of Information Technology and aspires to be a programmer who codes secure and efficient programmes and applications.

When asked what her FIRST experience with SP is, Venus recalls the time when she had the opportunity to conduct a forensic investigation as part of her digital forensics and investigation module! “It was an eye-opening experience to have the opportunity to work on this assignment like real investigators, to decrypt these data and unfold the criminal story. When we collected the evidence, we had to take down the timestamps and details regarding the 'crime scene'. It was definitely a memorable first experience!”

venus lim