3A70-Portable Cyber range poster

Portable Cyber Range Visualization

Portable Cyber Range Visualization is a project based on an existing solution developed that is capable of configuring and deploying ranges within a short period of time. The application allows range masters to set up, configure, deploy, monitor, and visualize ranges all within the web console. The web console features a user-friendly interface that is intuitive and pleasant to use.

An example of where this product is useful is during the Youth Cyber Exploration Program organized by SP every year to allow aspiring cybersecurity students to experience cyber warfare scenarios. Active monitoring and visualization also help enhance the participants' experience. For example, range masters can view different modes of the attack map which can be toggled for participants to help them better understand their actions, consequences and get a clear view of what they are working with as it shows traffic flow live between groups and individual workstations. Our application is also powered by multiple workstations and servers that are highly portable, allowing range masters to setup ranges at any location.

With this application, we hope to improve the learning experience of participants by providing a realistic, virtual environment to help train and understand cyber secur.


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