Prin-Z! Poster

Photo Booth Printing (Prin-Z!)

Technical Demo

Prin-Z! consists of three different systems. First of all, for KidZania's existing Customer Portal, which is set up with ASP.NET WebForm, the team has introduced more features i.e. shopping cart, enabled retrieval product details from database, resolved navigation issues in the current system, created responsive designs for mobile and tablet users, as well as generated QR code for order code.

Secondly, the team has developed an admin-portal with ASP.NET Web API and MySQL database, which is going to facilitate marketing and printing staff by introducing a souvenir management system with CRUD functions as well as GST calculation feature, export data, etc; and developing automated printing system for hardcopy orders, including printer management, printing status monitoring, exception handling features. Besides, the team has converted the existing windows application of keychain & magnet printing system to web application with photo calibration features. Last but not least, the team has also developed a notification system to remind customers to collect orders once all the souvenir items are ready. With Prin-Z!, improved printing productivity, less labor demand for printing, better user experience with shorter waiting queue, and increased revenue for souvenir sales are expected.