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10 May 2017

Love at first spark


Article featured Diploma in Computer Engineering graduate and Institutional Medallist, Benedict Lee Wei Zheng. He used his electrical engineering and programming skills to repair discarded laptops for less fortunate students, and installed solar panels at home to save on electrical bills and promote environmental friendliness. 
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9 May 2017

IT Whizz is one of the top students


Article featured SP’s Diploma in Information Technology graduate and Institutional Medallist, Azeem Arshad Vasanwala. Azeem participated in various hackathons and competitions during his time in SP, such as the Microsoft Imagine Cup, and was part of a SP Special Interest Group and the Microsoft Student Partners. 
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9 May 2017

Beating cancer to enter university


Goh Yi Ling suffered from Hodgkin’s lymphoma and took a one semester break to undergo treatment and chemotherapy. She shared about the pains of chemotherapy and how she pushed on with the support and encouragement of her family and friends. 
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8 May 2017
Top poly graduates choose to work


Article featured three top graduates from SP’s graduating cohort of 5,600 this year who chose to work first to gain industry experience, instead of pursuing a degree. 
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8 May 2017

Street Fighter to top Graduate


Muhammad Alfiz Kambali. Alfiz never took an interest in his studies while growing up and even sought comfort in bad company. After leaving school for some years, he decided to turn things around. 
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3 May 2017

Recycling aided his passion


Benedict Lee used to take apart various electrical devices and piece them back together. Now, he's graduating as SP's top student. 
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2 May 2017

Graduating as a top student


SP's Diploma in Business Information Technology made him more confident and articulate. 
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1 May 2017

Naughty student to top graduate


Alfiz shared how he was with bad company and was not interested in studies at a young age. He turned over a new leaf and gave his full effort towards his studies. 
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1 May 2017

Open mind shows her a new path


SP graduate who excelled and found her passion in a course that wasn't her top choice. 
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1 May 2017

Dyslexia did not set him back


SP's Diploma in Landscape Architecture graduand who did not let his condition become a disability. 
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14 Apr 2017

Engineering excellence


Joanna Lum enrolled in the Diploma in Energy Systems and Management and excelled in it, being the top student in her course. 
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