Information For Graduands

Warmest congratulations to the graduating class of 2018/19!

Graduation sees the culmination of your hard work and marks the point where you leave SP to make your mark in the world. It is also a time of celebration to welcome and honour the future alumni of SP.

The annual Graduation Ceremony is a grand event, where SP graduands are formally presented with their diploma scrolls and awards in the presence of their lecturers, friends and relatives. It is a proud day for you, your family and friends. It is also an opportunity to celebrate your achievements in SP, and to look back on the memorable times you have spent with us. Many of our past graduates have found the graduation ceremony a memorable occasion. We hope that you too will find the celebrations enjoyable.

1 April 2019


Check if you won any Academic Award(s)

(Login to the Student Portal > Graduation > e-Services for Graduation Ceremony > View Prizes and Awards)

8 April 2019


Enquiry on Seat Number

(Login to the Student Portal > e-Services for Graduation Ceremony > View Your Seat Number)

15 April 2019


Request for extra Invitation Card(s)

(Login to the Student Portal > Graduation > e-Services for Graduation Ceremony > Request Additional Invite Cards)

By 16 April 2019

Settle Outstanding Overseas Programme Fees

(Please settle all outstanding fees at the Student Service Centre (T16, Level 1) at least 2 weeks before the graduation) 

Settle Outstanding Library Loans & Fines

(Please settle all outstanding library loans and fines at least 3 weeks before the graduation)

2 - 3 & 6 - 9 May 2019

Graduation Ceremony

By 19 May 2019

Return Graduation Gown

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