Meet our students who applied to SP through the EAE!

photo of felicia

Coming from a family of designers, Felicia Sng Xi Yu is not short of creative influences. Her childhood outings include following her interior designer mother on-site visits and watching her carpenter father build furniture. 

Her interest in design started whilst she was in secondary school. A class on the different genres of art piqued her interest in design and this led the Chua Chu Kang Secondary alumna on a journey into the world of architecture and the built environment. She would spend her free time drawing and sketching anything and everything! 

In secondary five, Felicia came across a London association calling for designs supporting an anti-racism campaign. She decided to give it a shot and submitted her watercolour paintings. Her work was selected for the exhibition and this gave her the much needed confidence to pursue design.

That year, Felicia attended SP Open House and spoke to lecturers from the Diploma in Interior Design (DID) course. Inspired by their industry knowledge and experience, Felicia decided to apply to SP via EAE. 

She prepared well by collating her past drawings, reading up on her dream course and career prospects, and took a leap of faith with her application! Her efforts were well rewarded when she received the EAE conditional offer into DID, even before she sat for her ‘O’ Levels! 

Today, Felicia is a final year student and enjoying every bit of her course! Learning about space planning and user-centric designs while applying them to realistic projects helped her grow as a designer. “Designing spaces is fun and the curriculum is arranged in such a way that we can allocate our own time to do projects or even pursue our own interests outside of school,” Felicia shares. 

The ambitious girl is also the President of the Society of Interior Designers Singapore – Student Chapter. The organisation aims to help design students broaden their horizons and network with other design students and designers. It also serves as a stepping stone for student members to become a full associate member of the prestigious Society of Interior Designers Singapore. “This is definitely a great opportunity as I get to meet and exchange pointers with industry experts. The experience will benefit both my time as a student and a future designer,” Felicia shared.

Felicia’s advice to students who are applying for Early Admissions Exercise? 
“Have the courage to follow your heart. Seize opportunities that will bring you one step closer to your dream.”

Photo of Hidayah

Ever since she could remember, Nur Hidayah Iskandar loves to read. Her mother’s love for reading influenced her greatly. She has fond memories of weekend trips to the library with her mother as a child. When her mother grew busy and couldn’t spend much time reading with her, Hidayah would head to the library herself and spend hours sifting through book after book.  

The Christ Church Secondary alumna found her calling in secondary two. She remembers flipping through brochures from various polytechnics and chanced upon an SP course which focused on Creative Writing for TV & New Media*. The information she derived from the brochure immediately piqued her interest and this led her to research deeper into this area of study.  

For a start, Hidayah discussed with her family members and sought their opinions. “My family’s opinion and advice came in handy as they understood my personality and how it would complement the course.” 

She also took the effort to put together her portfolio. “I think it is important to make sure your portfolio is relevant to the course and truly reflects your passion and identity!” 

Lastly, she spent a lot of time making sure that she truly understood the course. “It is important to know the course well, especially during the interview round!” 

And that is how the well-prepared girl managed to snag a spot in SP even before sitting for her ‘O’ Levels via the Early Admissions Exercise (EAE)! 

Today Hidayah is a proud SP alumna of Class of 2020. From travelling overseas to filming a documentary for a module to having her work chosen as a finalist for a film festival to interning at The New Paper, Hidayah shares that she truly enjoyed her three years in SP. “My time in SP has allowed me to learn and gain many amazing experiences. I would definitely do it all over again!” 

Her advice for students who are applying for EAE? 
“Don’t be afraid to shine! The lecturers will always recognise something special in you when they see it!” 

*The Diploma in Creative Writing for TV & New Media will be replaced by the Diploma in Media, Arts & Design (Story & Content Creation) with effect from April 2021.

photo of lim zhong qing

When Lim Zhong Qing was a young boy, he always looked forward to science class. To the young and inquisitive boy, these lessons fed his curiosity and answered many of his questions. He would often observe how things happen, for example how one would recover from a flu after taking antibiotics, and was also interested to learn about the why. Science classes were enriching as it helped him learn how and why things work on a molecular level. 

After finishing his ‘N’ and ‘O’ Levels, the Zhong Hua Secondary alumni took up Biotechnology in the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) College East. Zhong Qing was in year 2 when the World Health Organization announced that antibiotic-resistant bacteria and superbugs are a threat to human health. This piece of news caught his attention and the more he researched, the deeper his interest grew. He wanted to learn more about diseases and how they affect the human body. 

During his last year in ITE, he chanced upon a Facebook post advertising the Early Admissions Exercise. He was certain that he wanted to pursue his passion in research and diseases, and found SP’s Diploma in Biomedical Science a perfect fit. The diligent boy prepared for the interview by keeping himself updated on current affairs regarding infectious diseases and reading widely on articles about immunology. 

Today, the year 3 student is not only enjoying his time in classrooms but keeps himself occupied outside curriculum time as well. He is the vice-president of SP’s Welfare Services Club and organises activities for underprivileged primary school students. He also volunteers regularly at hospitals helping with outreach activities and raising awareness of illnesses like diabetes and cancer. 

His advice for students who are applying for EAE?
“EAE helped me secure a rewarding and exhilarating journey in the life sciences. I did my best, you should too!” 


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