Seow Qing Huat
Diploma in Interior Design 

For Qing Huat, art has always been the ideal way to express his thoughts and feelings. Unlike a typical teenager, Qing Huat is hearing impaired and has challenges communicating verbally. His father noticed his passion and encouraged him to be an interior designer so they could build their dream home together in the future. Qing Huat was inspired and his goals were set.

After his ‘O’s, Qing Huat headed to ITE to pursue Space Design (Interior & Exhibition). He built a strong foundation and with the encouragement of his lecturers, Qing Huat applied for the Early Admissions Exercise (ITE) to study SP’s Diploma in Interior Design.

On his preparation process, Qing Huat shares, “EAE(I) is all about showing your true passion for the course. It should be something that is natural to you and shouldn’t require much preparation at all.”



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