Congratulations on your successful application to Singapore Polytechnic!

You will receive your enrolment package via post.
Click on Enrolment Package to see what will be in the package.

Go through the Onsite Enrolment e-Guide for detailed information on completing your enrolment:

The enrolment process (Task 1 to 3) is summarised below. Refer to your Offer Letter for the deadlines to complete the various tasks.

Task 1: Acceptance of Offer

1)Go to Acceptance of Offer website at https://enrolment.sp.edu.sg
2)Click on "Submit Acceptance of Offer" and login using your Admission Number, NRIC/FIN Number and Date of Birth.

Complete the following 3 steps (in sequence):

Step 1: Verify/Provide Your Particulars
Step 2: Create Computer Accounts
Step 3: Pay Course Fees

For more information on the course fees and financial assistance schemes which may help you to cover your Tuition Fees, click on the following links:

You must complete Task 1: Acceptance of Offer within the deadline to confirm your place.
Otherwise, the offer will be deemed to have lapsed. 

Task 2: Go for Colour Vision Test / Medical Examination

Students from the following courses are required to undergo a Colour Vision Test or a Medical Examination:
A) Colour Vision TestB) Medical Examination
  • Aeronautical Engineering
  • Aerospace Electronics
  • Applied Chemistry
  • Biomedical Science
  • Biotechnology
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Common Engineering Programme
  • Electrical & Electronic Engineering
  • Engineering Systems
  • Food Science & Technology
  • Marine Engineering
  • Nautical Studies
  • International Students #
Complete Part A of the Colour Vision Test Form or Medical Examination Form and bring the form to one of the following:
Option 1: Registered General Practitioner (GP)Option 2: SATA Clinics *

After you received the completed from from your doctor, submit to us via one of the following ways:

  • Personally at the Student Service Centre
    (Block T16 Level 1)
  • Mail in to this address
    Admissions Office
    Singapore Polytechnic
    500 Dover Road
    Singapore 139651
SATA will return the form to SP
# International students are also required to complete Part A of the ICA Medical Examination Report and bring it along to the clinic. You must collect the completed ICA Medical Examination Report from the clinic and submit to ICA when you collect your Student's Pass.
* Refer to "Instructions for Students" on last page of the form for SATA Clinic's addresses and operating hours.

Task 3: Submit Documents

After completing Task 1 and Task 2, 

  • Check your appointment date and time stated on your Offer Letter
  • Complete and bring along the following documents (where applicable) to SP on the appointment date as stated in your Offer Letter.
 Admission DocumentsFinance Documents
Forms can be found in the Forms Folder
  • Admissions Document Checklist
    (detach from Offer Letter)
  • Photo Form
  • Student's Declaration Form
  • Parent's Declaration Form
    (only for student < 21 years old)
  • Tuition Grant Application Form
    (for Singapore Citizen)
  • Tuition Grant Option Form
    (for Singapore Permanent Resident & International Student)
  • Tuition Grant Letter
    (for ex-polytechnic student)
  • Finance Document checklist
    (detach from Offer Letter)
  • MOE-PSEA Standing Order Form
    (for Singapore Citizen)
  • Provisional Admission Acknowledgement Form - Finance
    (for International Student)
  • Interbank Giro Form
    [must be signed, or thumb-printed by account (s) holder & endorsed by the Bank]
  • e-Payment Acknowledgement Page and indicate Admission No. 
    (for those who have paid using e-Payment)
  • AXS Receipt and indicate Admission No.
    (for those who have paid using AXS machine)
  • Fee Pay-In Slip (Green) - endorsed by Bank
    (for those who have paid using cash/cheque at selected OCBC Bank)
Other supporting documents required from you

Bring the Original and Photocopy of:

  • Front & Back of NRIC
    (for Singapore Citizen, Singapore Permanent Resident and Malaysian)
  • Passport
    (for International Student)

Photocopy of:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Deed Poll, if any

Bring the Original Certificate (s) where applicable:

  • GCE 'O' / 'A' / IP / IB
  • SPM / STPM / UEC
  • Other qualifications

Bring along the following forms/documents,if you have applied for any of the following Financial Schemes:

  • Mendaki - TTFS Acknowledgement Page
    (for Singapore Citizen and Singapore Permanent Resident Malay Student only)
  • CPF-AES Acknowledgement Page with status "External user processed" or "Approved in Principle"
  • Photocopy of DBS - Tuition Fee Loan Application Form
    (must be endorsed by DBS Bank)
You will receive your Admission Card after we have verified your documents.