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You joined a CCA club when you were a student. Enjoyed your club activities at SP? How about continuing your interest as an alumnus? Get together & form Alumni Interest Groups. 

The Alumni Interest Groups (AIGs) listed are formed by Singapore Polytechnic (SP) alumni and are self-governing. Such AIGs are not part of the legal entity of SP. They do not represent SP and cannot act or make any representations on its behalf. The activities and views of these AIGs are the sole responsibilities of the groups and of its members. All AIGs are to abide by the prevailing laws of Singapore.


Alumni Interest Group (AIG)RepresentativeEmailContact
SP AdventureSebastian Wongsebastianwong1981@gmail.com92336497
SP Applied Sciences and MaterialsJonas Wanglianrui92@gmail.com98789639
SP BowlingAlfred BayAlfred.bay87@gmail.com81137741
SP Industrial ManagementWilson
SP KarateLim Yi Yanalumni.spkarate@gmail.com98464973
SP Mind & MemoryFelix Tandra Ngfelixng.rightbrain@gmail.com98784224
SP NavigatorsTeh Jing HurngSPNavsAIG@gmail.com90258757
SP OptometryPurrvenrajh Bajjajpurrvenbajjaj@gmail.com91017463
SP RoversMartin Tangmntang29@gmail.com86082288
SP Taiko DrummersCandy Chuasptaiko@gmail.com97823449
SP TechnopreneursTeo Jian Rong teojianrong@gmail.com90101685
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