COVID-19 Announcement - SP Service Providers

Dear SP Service Providers,

Singapore Polytechnic has put in place some precautionary measures as a result of COVID-19. Please take careful note of these measures.

1  Wear a Mask

You are required to wear a mask on campus.

Temperature Taking & Recording (twice daily)

You will be required to record your temperature, twice a day, in the morning (before coming to campus) and again in the afternoon (before 2.30 pm). So, you are required to bring your thermometers with you daily. Do report to your school/department supervisor of your temperature readings.

(Note: This is only applicable when the service provider is at SP campus)

Travel Declaration

If Travelling

Please be reminded that it is mandatory to declare travel details (including the city or province) in the Travel Declaration Form and submit to your school and department that you are working with, if you have travelled/are travelling overseas. Please take this travel declaration exercise seriously and it is for your strict compliance and needs to be submitted every time new travel plans are confirmed.

Please inform the school / department that you are working with immediately if you are travelling to or returning from overseas.

4  Declaration on contact with COVID-19 cases

In addition to the requirement to make a travel declaration, you are required to submit a declaration if, to the best of your knowledge, in the past 14 days, you:

  1. are a Confirmed Case/Suspect Case/Person under Quarantine Order/Person issued Stay Home Notice (SHN), or
  2. have been in contact with a Confirmed Case/Suspect Case/Person under Quarantine Order/Person issued Stay Home Notice (SHN), in the past 14 days.

If (a) or (b) applies to you, please make your declaration using the Declaration Form for non-SP staff attached and submit to your supervisor together with the attached Excel file Template for case data.


  • Confirmed/Suspect Case - A person confirmed or suspected by MOH to have the COVID-19.
  • Person under Quarantine Order – A person under quarantine order from MOH.
  • Stay-Home Notice – A person issued Stay-Home Notice by ICA.

Trace Together

  1. A mobile application called TraceTogether was launched on 20 Mar to support ongoing contact tracing efforts amid the COVID-19 outbreak in Singapore.
  2. By downloading the app and consenting to participate in it, TraceTogether allows users to "proactively help" in the contact tracing process. The TraceTogether app, which was developed by the Government Technology Agency (GovTech) in collaboration with MOH can be downloaded by anyone with a Singapore mobile number and a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone.
  3. We encourage all of you to download the app.

We will keep you updated on any new measures or changes. Let’s work together and play our part to keep our campus safe.

Best regards
SP Management

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