Dear Staff,

The Multi-Ministry Taskforce announced updates to Safe Management Measures in Phase 3 (Heightened Alert).

Conduct of Lessons

All lectures will be conducted online. All tutorials, labs and practicals should be conducted face to face on campus. Students must leave immediately after in-campus classes and those not having lessons on campus on a certain day should not be back on campus that day.

Instructions on Attendance and Other SMMs 

Masks shall be worn at all times, except during meal times, on campus. Face shields as substitutes for masks are not effective and not allowed.

For work that can be done from home, ROs need to ensure that no more than 50% of staff for such work are at the campus at any point in time, regardless of their vaccination status. ROs will have discretion to work with such staff on the work arrangements, with a norm of 2 to 3 days at campus a week.

We should continue to stagger start times and allow flexible workplace hours. This will spread out staff across time and place, and reduces possible congregation of staff at common spaces at or near the campus, such as entrances, exits, lobbies, food courts, pantries. It also reduces congestion of people in public places, including public transport. Timings of lunch and other breaks should also be staggered accordingly.



All work-related events must adhere to prevailing workplace Safe Management Measures, and prevailing framework for organising official events and activities, and are subjected to the following requirements:

  1. The number of persons per event must be capped at 50 persons to limit the risk of exposure to infection; and
  2. Attendees must maintain at least 1-metre safe distancing between individual attendees.


Meals should not be the main feature of the event, i.e. food or drinks should only be served if incidental to the workplace event (e.g. the meeting or conference extends over lunchtime). In addition, the food must be served individually with the participants seated while consuming. Participants should minimise the time that they are unmasked while eating.

Protocol if tested Positive for PCR or ART

The revised protocol is given in the table below.





Unwell and tested positive

• To see a doctor. If tested positive via PCR, you will either be placed by MOH on Home Recovery Protocol (HRP) by default or admitted to an appropriate care facility, if the home environment is not suitable.
• To only return to campus after discharge criteria is met.
• Inform RO of your result and also indicate whether you were in campus in the last 48 hours
• Please inform HR via

Discharge criteria based on isolation period of 14 days for unvaccinated individuals, and 10 days for vaccinated individuals.


Well but tested ART positive

• To self-isolate at home for the next 72 hours and inform RO.
• Please inform HR via
• After 72 hours, you can re-test and if negative may exit isolation and resume normal activities. If you become unwell at any time, you should see a doctor.
• If the result is positive, continue to self-isolate.
• To only return to campus after obtaining an ART negative result and take photo of negative result to forward to RO.
• If you become unwell refer to instructions in protocol 1.

Note: All staff who are affected by Protocol 2 need to have an ART negative result before they can leave home and return to campus.


Issued a Health Risk Warning (HRW) by MOH

• Upon being notified of the HRW (Day 1), you should immediately self-isolate.
• Inform RO.
• Self-isolate on Day 1 of being issued HRW and take ART test on the day of HRW issuance, and upload ART test result online based on MOH’s instructions in the HRW notification.
• Upload results at
• You can continue with normal activities for the day if the test is negative.
• Please inform HR via
• For subsequent days, i.e. Day 2 to 7, you should test ART negative on same day before going out. If your daily ART test is negative, you may return to office to work.
• When returning to campus, to take photo and forward it to RO.
• Take ART test on Day 7. If ART test is negative no need for further testing.
• If test positive at any point during HRW, to follow instructions in Protocol 2.

Note: All staff who are affected by Protocol 3 need to have an ART negative result and inform RO before they can leave home and return to campus.

Entering Campus

Entry into the campus will only be through the following gates, with all other gates closed.  

  • Gate 1 (along Dover Road)
  • Pedestrian turnstiles at Dover MRT Station
  • All other gates with turnstiles will operate as exit points only

Please use TraceTogether to enter campus. 

By downloading the app and consenting to participate in it, TraceTogether allows users to "proactively help" in the contact tracing process. 

Lecturers and Technical Executives please remind your students to activate the TraceTogether app as it is mandatory to do so. 

For Dover MRT Station entrance, you must tap your staff card against the turnstiles in order to gain entry into campus.

Staff coming via vehicles will have to be dropped off either at the Dover MRT Station driveway or Gate 1 drop-off area. You are not allowed to be dropped off inside campus.

Staff who are parking in campus will have to enter via Gate 1 and use the left lane, where you will be directed by the security personnel to stop your vehicle after the gantry. You will have to do your SafeEntry Check-In and show your SafeEntry Check-In pass and staff card for verification by the security personnel, before you are allowed into campus.  

Travel Declaration

Staff may travel overseas to countries/regions approved under the Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL). This is only applicable for fully vaccinated staff with vaccines authorised under the Pandemic Special Access Route (PSAR) by the HSA and used under Singapore’s National Vaccination Programme and any vaccine in the World Health Organisation’s Emergency Use Listing (this includes Sinovac-Coronavc, Sinopharm, and AstraZeneca’s Vaccine).

Staff who are unvaccinated or partially vaccinated should not travel overseas except for any travel to Category 1 countries/ regions (Please refer to MOH website for the latest border measures for updates to the countries/ regions) and for compassionate reasons (e.g. due to death of / critically ill family member).

Staff who are unvaccinated or partially vaccinated should not travel overseas except for any travel to Category 1 countries/ regions (Please refer to MOH website for the latest border measures for updates to the countries/ regions) and for compassionate reasons (e.g. due to death of / critically ill family member).

All travellers are advised to check the entry requirements imposed by the countries/regions they intend to travel to. The full set of prevailing border measures for the different categories of countries is available on the Safe Travel website. The website also gives details on pre-departure PCR test and related FAQs.

Vendors and Visitors to Campus

If you have any visitors coming to SP Campus, you should inform them beforehand about the entry arrangements into SP and that they will have to undergo temperature screening. Please also ensure that approval has been given for the visitor to enter campus. All visitors are required to complete the Visitor Declaration Form that you should send to them in advance. They will then need to show the completed form to the Security Personnel. 

Useful Information for COVID-19

We have compiled some useful tips to help staff better cope with COVID-19. Please click HERE to find out more.

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