Dear Staff,

Singapore Polytechnic has put in place some precautionary measures as a result of COVID-19. Please take careful note of these measures.

1  Wear a Mask

  1. You are required to wear a mask on campus.
  2. Counter staff who perform front desk duties and in close contact with others are to wear their reusable masks that were distributed by the government. If your reusable mask is unavailable, you may request for a surgical mask from your school or department.

Temperature Taking & Recording

All staff will be required to record their temperature twice a day, in the morning  and again in the afternoon. For staff they can record their temperature via TRES Staff can also submit their temperature through SP Mobile.


Reminders will be sent once in the morning and once in the afternoon to staff who fail to record their temperature. Director will receive email on staff who failed to record temperature at 11.30 am and 4.30 pm daily


Travel Declaration

Please note all travel overseas will not be approved for now. This includes travel to Malaysia

If approval is given for you to travel please be reminded that it is mandatory to declare travel details (including the city or province) in the Travel Declaration Form database if you have travelled/are travelling overseas. Please ensure all travel are updated, if details are known. Please take this travel declaration exercise seriously and it is for your strict compliance.

If you wish to cancel the travel declaration that you submitted, the steps are Travel Declaration> Declaration> My Submitted Declarations> select the relevant form> Cancel Declaration.

Declaration on contact with COVID-19 cases

In addition to the requirement to make a travel declaration, all staff and students are also required to submit a declaration if, to the best of their knowledge, in the past 14 days, they:

  1. are a Confirmed Case/Suspect Case/Person under Quarantine Order/Person issued with Stay Home Notice, or
  2. have been in contact with a Confirmed Case/Suspect Case/Person under Quarantine Order/Person issued with Stay Home Notice, in the past 14 days.

If (a) or (b) applies to you, please make your declaration at the Staff Declaration Form.


  • Confirmed/suspect Case – A person confirmed or suspected by MOH to have the Novel Coronavirus.
  • Person under Quarantine Order – A person under quarantine order from MOH.
  • Stay-Home Notice – A person issued Stay-Home Notice by ICA.

Trace Together

  1. A mobile application called TraceTogether was launched on 20 Mar to support ongoing contact tracing efforts amid the COVID-19 outbreak in Singapore.

  2. By downloading the app and consenting to participate in it, TraceTogether allows users to "proactively help" in the contact tracing process. The TraceTogether app, which was developed by the Government Technology Agency (GovTech) in collaboration with MOH can be downloaded by anyone with a Singapore mobile number and a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone.


  3. We encourage all of you to download the app.

Vendors, Visitors to Campus

If you are responsible for someone who works on campus but does not have a SPICE account (contractors, vendors, interns etc), please urgently convey the contents of this message to them. Also, they are to print the attached temporary pass ( Annex D) for ease of entry into SP Campus. They can also find the information and make their declarations vide the link:

If you have any visitors coming to SP Campus, you should inform them beforehand about the entry arrangements into SP (and encouraging them to take public transport) and that they will have to undergo temperature screening. In particular, they should be told of the conditions for entry into SP as per para 1(d) above. In case they missed out on doing so at the entry points, you should, when you meet them, ask that they make a declaration, if they had not, vide an acknowledgement email of the link at  Visitor Declaration Form that you should provide. If they are unable to make the declaration, you should ask them to leave the campus immediately accordingly.


Given the exceptional nature of the COVID-19 situation and in recognition that some of us will be unable to consume our vacation leave due to increased operational demands during such times, we can  carry forward up to 50% of our unconsumed 2019 vacation leave into 2021. This refers to the 2019 unconsumed leave carried forward to 2020 as at 1 Jan 2020. You may carry forward up to 50% of this leave if they remain unconsumed by 31 Dec 2020. An illustration of how this works is given below.


Case A: Staff A has 10 days of unconsumed 2019 vacation leave carried forward to 2020. He did not take any vacation leave in 2020.  He will be able to carry forward 5 days of unconsumed 2019 vacation leave to 2021.

Case B:Staff B has 21 days of unconsumed 2019 vacation leave carried forward to 2020. He took total of 13 days by end of 31 Dec 2020. He will be able to carry forward 8 days of unconsumed 2019 vacation leave to 2021.

For staff who are retiring in 2020 and continue into re-employment

Under normal circumstances, for staff who are retiring, they are to use all their unconsumed leave from the previous year and their current year leave entitlement before they turn 62 years old. Leave unconsumed by end of retirement cannot be carried over to the re-employment contract as re-employment is considered as a fresh episode of employment. However, in view of current COVID-19 situation, if staff are unable to consume all their leave by end of retirement, they can write to HR for case-by-case consideration.

Let us continue to take our vacation leave to rest and recharge, to take care of personal matters and to spend time with our family.

We will keep you updated on any new measures or changes. Let’s work together and play our part to keep our campus safe.

Best regards
SP Management

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