COVID-19 Announcement - Students


Dear Students,

Some updates and reminders for the weeks ahead:

Phased Re-opening of SP Campus (from 2 June)

When the Circuit Breaker ends, some students will be allowed to return to campus to catch up especially on their practicals and labs. Such students, will be notified separately by Course Chairs or Module Lecturers via their ichat email.

Campus Entry and Exit

Please note the following for those students seeking entry into campus:

  • Only authorised students are allowed to enter campus.

  • If you or a household member (18 yrs old and above) are feeling unwell with flu-like symptoms (such as fever, cough, sore throat or runny nose), do not come to campus. Please see a doctor or encourage your household member to see a doctor and obtain an MC with confirmation of the flu-like symptoms. If you are required to come to campus, please apply for Leave of Absence (LOA application).

  • Take your temperature before leaving your home to come to campus, and then report it via STRES. You are required to bring your thermometer to campus to take your temperature a second time later in the day, and also report that via STRES.

  • Entry into the campus will only be through the following entry points, with all other entrances closed.  
    • Gate 1 (along Dover Road)
    • Pedestrian turnstiles at Dover MRT Station
    • All other gates with turnstiles will operate as exit points only.
  • Students coming via vehicles will have to be dropped off either at the Dover MRT Station driveway or Gate 1 drop-off area. They are not allowed to be dropped off inside campus. For those with special needs that require drop-off inside campus, they will have to inform Security when they arrive at Gate 1 and they will be directed accordingly. Note that the driver will need to go through temperature screening, do SafeEntry Check In and submit the visitor declaration form before being allowed to proceed into campus for the drop off.

  • You must do the SafeEntry Check In and show your SafeEntry Check In Pass on your mobile phone for verification by the security personnel at the entry points, before you are allowed into the campus. Alternatively you can produce your NRIC or Transitlink Concession Card for SafeEntry Check In via scanning at the entry points. When you leave the campus, you must do the SafetyEntry Check Out on your own.

  • After you have passed the SafeEntry Check In verified by the security personnel, you must then tap your student card (against the turnstiles at Dover MRT Station entrance in order to gain entry into campus.

  • All students must wear a mask when in campus. Face shields in lieu of masks are only allowed only for students who have health conditions that may result in breathing or medical difficulties when a mask is worn for a prolonged period of time. The face shields must cover the wearer’s entire face, from the forehead to below the chin, wrapping around the sides of the face. Face shields may be worn on top of a mask to provide additional protection.

  • Adhere to the strict safe distancing measures within campus so as to avoid risks of transmission.

  • Do not loiter around campus. You are only to proceed to those rooms specified for you, including where you can eat, and to use only restrooms near to these places.
  • Leave campus immediately after lessons and go straight home. Do not congregate or move about in groups. Safe Distancing Ambassadors will be stationed around campus to enforce safe distancing measures.

    To facilitate contact tracing, all students coming to campus are required to download and activate the TraceTogether app.
  • Contact Declaration

    All students are required to submit your contact declaration (at this link: Student Declaration Form), if, to the best of your knowledge, in the past 14 days, you:

    • are a Confirmed Case/Suspect Case/Person under Quarantine Order/Person issued with Stay Home Notice, or
    • have been in contact with a Confirmed Case/Suspect Case/Person under Quarantine Order/Person issued with Stay Home Notice. (Please note that this is on-going and declaration must be made every time your situation changes.) .

    Travel Declaration

    If you are currently in Singapore, do not travel overseas. For essential travels or emergencies, all students are required to seek approval from your School Director, through your Personal Tutor via email. Please keep email copy as proof of approval. Once approval is granted, submit your travel declaration (at this link: Student Travel Declaration Form), by logging in with your SPICE account (PXXXXXXX) and password. Disciplinary action will be taken if you leave the country without SP’s approval.

    • Check “No” or “Yes” on your travelling plans in the period May to July 2020. If “Yes”, fill up the required fields and click submit.

    • Students are reminded that it is your personal and social responsibility to provide accurate information in your Travel Declaration Form. Declarations must be made every time your situation changes.

    Disciplinary Rules

    It is important that everyone should play a part in exercising social responsibility to curb the spread of COVID-19. This entails strict observance of all precautionary measures. Anyone found breaching the measures will face disciplinary action as it endangers others. Please refer to the SP Disciplinary Rules & Regulations relating to COVID-19 in the Student Handbook.

    Student Support

    If you require any student support services, please click here for financial assistance or make an e-appointment to speak to our SP counsellors.


    If you have enquiries, please contact SP at 6775 1133 during office hours from Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5.30pm (except for Public Holidays) or write to


    SP Management

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