Internet Fair Use in Campus



Internet Service in Campus

The Internet Service is provided on a shared basis for all staff and students in campus to facilitate teaching and learning purposes where knowledge is “One click” away from your laptops or mobile devices.


Internet Bandwidth is not Unlimited

Your home broadband subscription has a limited internet bandwidth that is dependent on your subscription package.  Similarly in campus, the internet bandwidth is not unlimited.  SP subscribes to a limited bandwidth (1Gbps to S’pore Open Exchange with Google/Microsoft and 800Mbps International Circuit) with Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Note that the cost of Internet subscription for corporate customers (including SP) is much higher than that for home users.


Internet Traffic Prioritization for Business and EduTech Applications

Traffic prioritisation is required to reserve Internet bandwidth during congestion for business and EduTech applications. With traffic prioritization, these applications are assigned higher Internet priority than other types of Internet sites to improve the overall user experience when accessing such business and EduTech sites.


The current list Business and EduTech applications with traffic prioritization implemented is shown below. This list is reviewed and updated regularly.


Business Application:

SP Enterprise e-Services


EduTech Applications:

7Google Drive/Docs


Internet Usage of Heavy Users

Heavy or excessive users are generally those who use the internet to upload and download large files, such as movies, videos, music and gaming, to their computers. These users take up excessive bandwidth, slowing the internet connection down for others.


What is Internet Fair Use?

Staff and students are encouraged to self-regulate the use of internet in campus so that everyone will have a good experience when using the internet for teaching and learning purposes.


If you or your friends in campus are heavy users, it is good to encourage and remind one another to be considerate and avoid such upload and download activities from 8 am to 6 pm.


Let’s be Considerate, Internet Fair Use starts with YOU


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