55,000 tertiary students to get enhanced bursaries, some up to 95%: MOE

23 Aug 2019

News clip highlighted that 55,000 undergraduate and diploma students will benefit from the Government's enhanced bursary scheme, which will be rolled out from the next academic year. The Government will be investing approximately S$44 million more per year for these enhancements, which will go to students with a gross household income of S$9,000 or less. This will mean that families from the lowest income bracket could pay as low as S$150 a year for polytechnic fees. NITEC graduates currently in the workforce will also see more opportunities to upgrade their skills through the Higher NITEC and diploma pathways. Forty-three year-old Chua Aik Liang, a current student at SP's Diploma in Mechatronics & Robotics course was featured as an example. He left his job at a logistics company to pursue his passion for engineering. He shared that the new scheme will encourage more mid-career workers like him to upgrade their skills and the additional (monetary) support will lighten his financial load. Aik Liang’s story was also featured on Channel 8 and Capital 95.8. SP’s segment starts from 4:37. 

[Channel NewsAsia]

55,000 tertiary students to get enhanced bursaries, some up to 95 percent_CNA

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