Aspiring researcher today, potential leader in clean energy sources tomorrow

15 May 2017

Stomp, 15 May 2017 - Article featured SP’s Diploma in Chemical Engineering graduate and Institutional Medallist Liew Zheng Jie who was far from a model student in primary and early secondary school, where he was caned for his misdeeds. He turned over a new leaf when his English teacher from Unity Secondary School nominated him as a class representative during his upper secondary year. Wanting to pursue a course that combined both science and applied theory, Zheng Jie enrolled in SP’s Diploma in Chemical Engineering course as part of the pioneer batch of Polytechnic Foundation Programme students. During his time in SP, Zheng Jie had the opportunity to embark on a six-week attachment programme in New Zealand, where he understudied a professor at the Chemical Engineering department in the University of Canterbury and assisted the university researchers to increase the yield of chemical products. During his final year internship at Solvay, a multi-specialty chemical company, he spearheaded the firm’s digitalisation project to analyse the company’s data logging and optimise and integrate their chemical processes. Zheng Jie has applied to study Chemical Engineering under the Global Merit Scholarship at the National University of Singapore. He aspires to become a researcher in the Chemical industry and dreams of developing new sources of clean energy. COMMS note: This is part of our Graduation 2017 stories.

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