Commentary: Can Singapore make makan great again?

29 May 2017

Channel NewsAsia, 28 May 2017 - Commentary by Dr Christine Lee, Director of Shiro Corporation Pte Ltd and Kay Lee Pte Ltd, highlighted how food businesses in Singapore keep up with the latest trends and consumer preferences in the food industry. She mentioned that food companies can tap on the Food Innovation & Resource Centre (FIRC), launched in 2007 by SP and SPRING Singapore, to develop new and innovative products quickly in response to emerging global food consumption trends. The FIRC has dedicated pilot plants, application laboratories, and a test kitchen among other facilities which are helmed by a core team of full-time, experienced professionals. They provide food manufacturers with much needed technical expertise in product and process development including packaging, shelf life evaluation and market testing. This is the second commentary in a Channel NewsAsia's series exploring how businesses in Singapore are transforming the way they operate to adopt new technologies and upskill their workforce.

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